R + D

We prioritize continuous innovation and the implementation of new technologies in our designs and processes, two strategies that define our line of work.

The research and implementation of new technologies allows us to produce products with a significant industrial impact, products that are more precise and functional, adapted and optimized for our clients’ current and future manufacturing processes. Here are some of the technologies that characterize our current work strategy.


The means of measuring and capturing data and applying it to systems have evolved considerably, becoming a very useful tool for predictive maintenance. Its value lies in using the data obtained to avoid large production stops.


A technology intended to control the product in its process of production, verifying it completely. The goal of this verification is to reduce quality costs and diminish “scrap.”ir costes de calidad y la disminución de “Scrap”.


Recognition of parts by machine vision, followed by robotic manipulation.


Ultrasonic cutting is a technology for cutting food products using ultrasonic vibrations. It prevents product contamination and is an important alternative to water cutting.

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